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Nosaj Thing / Cold Stares ft.

Work Details

LAを拠点に世界で活躍するアーティスト/ビートメーカーのNosaj Thingとラッパー Chance The Rapperのコラボレーション楽曲「Cold Stares」のミュージックビデオ。
歌詞の中で語られている”現実と妄想の境界線を彷徨いながら自分の存在意識、記憶を探す心理状態、葛藤” を映像で表現するために、二人のダンサーによるダンス作品を制作。そのダンスを実写による現実世界とCGによる妄想世界の二つの空間で展開した。
This is a music video of “Cold Stares,” a collaboration between Los Angeles-based artist and beatmaker Nosaj Thing, who is actively working around the world, and rapper Chance The Rapper.
A dance piece by two dancers was produced to express a message in the lyrics——their mental situation and conflict searching for reason of being and memories, wandering along the border between reality and illusion. This dance has been shown in two ways: the real world performed by people and the delusional world of CG.

Work Technical Details


A plug-in has been developed to link a drone equipped with a camera for synthesizing video images, drone control, image synthesizing software, and existing CG software (e.g. Maya). While controlling with a program the position and angle of the drone and the camera using the motion capture technology, the camera data for synthesizing CG are recorded at the same time.
The significant reduction of the process has been realized by using the acquired data at the time of shooting on the existing CG software.
Dancers in the real world are shot by cameras set on six drones. Dancers in the world of illusion are shot by 64 cameras.
Using technology for restoring 3D models from plural 2D data, 3D models with a high quality of texture can be achieved.
Camera motions used for two worlds of reality and fantasy are identical. It is usually difficult to move a camera motion for the real world as freely as a camera motion for CG due to many restrictions. In this project, however, a system to move drones according to a camera motion created by CG software has been developed.
Using this system, we can move drones accurately and freely like a CG camera. What’s more, we could achieve a smooth transition between live-action and CG.
We created a realtime morphing system between both point of view of real & virtual world.
We created a recording & repeatable feedback system of cam-drone movement.
By using 3D scanning data, we could easily switch point of view between real & virtual world.


In order to do a performance with dancers, we created new drones as small as we can. Also, we developed and customized it to hold camera thorugh a gimbal 2 way axis.
A position of the drones, and roll and pitch of camera movement is controlled by a motion path data, which is generated on Maya.
Technical Requirements

41cm(W) x 30cm(H) x 41cm(D) / 7inch prop, multiwii based controller / Xbee wireless module
2axis camera gimbal / full color LED light approx.1000g (include battery)
Motion capture system / Drone with camera * 6 / 10m x 10m x 10m space / 50cm x 50cm x 50cm cube / Chair / Bed / Macbook Pro Retina * 2

Drone + AR test

test 01
test 02
test 03


Dance company directed by choreographer & art director, MIKIKO. ELEVENPLAY was founded by MIKIKO in 2009, in the hopes of creating dancers who posses highly artistic sense and creativity on top of exquisite techniques, body and spirit. Composed of female dancers from a variety of genre, ELEVENPLAY's methods of expression are diverse, including stages, video works, and still photos.
Rhizomatiks Research
Rhizomatiks Research
Rhizomatiks Research mainly takes up projects focusing on the field of research and development, and sets priority in opening a new expression for the future. The team which is leading Rhizomatiks Research, has produced projects with artists such as Perfume and Elevenplay in addition to media-art and data-art projects, and is also in charge of all processes through the projects―planning, implementation and operation.
Stage Designer, Choreographer. MIKIKO, a stage designer/choreographer, has taken an artistic direction and choreographed almost fifty artists and world popular Japanese artists like Perfume, BABYMETAL, Ringo Shiina and more. She won many prizes, and her choreography is outstanding in the scene of Japanese Pop­music. MIKIKO is one of the most greatest choreographer and represents Japan. Also, as choreographer/director of dance company "ELEVENPLAY", she has been building up her very own creative world of MIKIKO with the company's highly talented dancers.
TAKCOM(takafumi tsuchiya)
TAKCOM(takafumi tsuchiya)
Motion Picture & Art Director. He has garnered acclaim worldwide,through exposure in many countries via gallery exhibitions & art festivals. His variety of media formats pursues new forms of expression. His detailed illustrations are renown. In 2013, he awarded the Cannes Lions international Festival of Creativity Cyber Division Silver Award for “Mori building Roppongi Hills­Tokyo City Symphony”(video production),ADFEST PROMO LOTUS GOLD Award,and the D&AD Yellow Pencil award.