Project Description

Among his eclectic array of projects, Ryuichi Sakamoto has recently made it his main concern to explore audiation, or the process of making audible, of data extracted from the environment. Daito Manabe (b.1976) is a media artist internationally acclaimed for his work, ranging from his experimental work using advanced technology to visualize data received from CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research), to producing visuals for the Japanese electro-pop group, Perfume.

Their first collaborative piece senses, visualizes, and makes audible electromagnetic waves, which are usually undetectable to the human senses. The piece focuses on the background role that electromagnetic waves play in technology that has become integral to modern society, manifested in mobile technology, inseparable from everyday life.

At the Moerenuma Park, visitors will find a large “High Resolution Large Display” (7.2 meters by 3.9 meters) and speakers in a brightly lit space, visualizing and making audible electromagnetic waves between 80MHz-5.2GHz that are captured in realtime by antennas set up in various places in the venue, which collect signals from cellphones, Wi-Fi, digital terrestrial broadcasting, and FM radio.

Additionally, the piece contrasts electromagnetic waves recorded at the Sapporo Ekimae-dori Underground Walkway (aka Chi-Ka-Ho) to show the notable difference time and place makes on the electromagnetic waves. As the audience changes the frequency with a turn of the dial-like interface in front of the screen, various electromagnetic waves will become visible on the screen simultaneously. Furthermore, the usage of cellphones or smartphones in the venue will alter the sound and image, reflecting the changing electromagnetism in the surrounding space.

The flow of electromagnetism is often forgotten, yet composes an indispensable infrastructure in our modern life, and the piece attempts to expose that. The installation also makes visible a kind of ecosystem, created by the active participation of audiences, that is simultaneously bound to a frequency range—a distributed territory—assigned to certain broadcasters or carriers.
At Chi-Ka-Ho, visitors will also be able to see an archived version of the video of the piece, along with one of the antennas used to capture electromagnetic data before the premiere of the installation.

What are electromagnetic waves?

Electromagnetic waves refer to a phenomenon in which photon particles behaving as waves vibrate and travel through space carrying radiant energy. Light is an example of this, but electromagnetic waves refer more accurately to a spectrum, from the shortest frequency gamma rays, x-rays, light (ultraviolet, visible, infrared), to microwaves and radio waves, which are of longer frequency.


Among the electromagnetic waves that exhibit various properties, wavelengths between low frequency and submillimeter radiation are what is known as radio waves.
We have selected a few frequencies between 80MHz and 5.2GHz to make visible and audible.

Central Frequency (MHz) Classification Details
85.2FMNHK FM Hokakido
144Amateur radio
315Keyless entry
430Amateur radio
473Ground wave digitalChannel No13
479Ground wave digitalChannel No14
485Ground wave digitalChannel No15
491Ground wave digitalChannel No16
497Ground wave digitalChannel No17
503Ground wave digitalChannel No18
509Ground wave digitalChannel No19
515Ground wave digitalChannel No20
521Ground wave digitalChannel No21
527Ground wave digitalChannel No22
533Ground wave digitalChannel No23
539Ground wave digitalChannel No24
545Ground wave digitalChannel No25
551Ground wave digitalChannel No26
557Ground wave digitalChannel No27
563Ground wave digitalChannel No28
569Ground wave digitalChannel No29
575Ground wave digitalChannel No30
581Ground wave digitalChannel No31
587Ground wave digitalChannel No32
593Ground wave digitalChannel No33
599Ground wave digitalChannel No34
605Ground wave digitalChannel No35
611Ground wave digitalChannel No36
617Ground wave digitalChannel No37
623Ground wave digitalChannel No38
629Ground wave digitalChannel No39
635Ground wave digitalChannel No40
641Ground wave digitalChannel No41
647Ground wave digitalChannel No42
653Ground wave digitalChannel No43
659Ground wave digitalChannel No44
665Ground wave digitalChannel No45
671Ground wave digitalChannel No46
677Ground wave digitalChannel No47
683Ground wave digitalChannel No48
689Ground wave digitalChannel No49
695Ground wave digitalChannel No50
701Ground wave digitalChannel No51
707Ground wave digitalChannel No52
713Ground wave digitalChannel No53
719Ground wave digitalChannel No54
725Ground wave digitalChannel No55
731Ground wave digitalChannel No56
737Ground wave digitalChannel No57
743Ground wave digitalChannel No58
749Ground wave digitalChannel No59
755Ground wave digitalChannel No60
761Ground wave digitalChannel No61
767Ground wave digitalChannel No62
820Mobile phoneau LTE TX(815-825)
827.5Mobile phoneau 3G TX(825-830)
837.5Mobile phonedocomo FOMA plus/Xi TX(830~845)
865Mobile phoneau LTE RX(860~870)
872.5Mobile phoneau 3G RX(870~875)
882.5Mobile phonedocomo FOMA plus/Xi RX(875~890)
902.5Mobile phoneSoftBank 3G RX(900~905)
947.5Mobile phoneSoftBank 3G TX(945~950)
910Mobile phoneSoftBank LTE TX(905~915)
955Mobile phoneSoftBank LTE RX(950~960)
1090Aeronautival radio
1432.9Mobile phoneSoftBank ULTRASPEED TX(1427.9~1437.9)
1480.9Mobile phoneSoftBank ULTRASPEED RX(1475.9~1485.9)
1442.9Mobile phoneau LTE TX(1437.9~1447.9)
1490.9Mobile phoneau LTE RX(1485.9~1495.9)
1455.4Mobile phonedocomo Xi TX(1447.9~1462.9)
1503.4Mobile phonedocomo Xi RX(1495.9~1510.9)
1754.9Mobile phoneEMOBILE LTE TX(1749.9~1759.9)
1849.9Mobile phoneEMOBILE LTE RX(1844.9~1854.9)
1762.4Mobile data communicationEMOBILE EMOBILEG4 TX(1759.9~1764.9)
1857.4Mobile data communicationEMOBILE EMOBILEG4 RX(1854.9~1859.9)
1774.9Mobile phonedocomo Xi TX(1764.9~1784.9)
1869.9Mobile phonedocomo Xi RX(1859.9~1879.9)
1930Mobile phoneau LTE/3G Dual TX(1920~1940)
2120Mobile phoneau LTE/3G Dual RX (2110~2130)
1950Mobile phonedocomo Xi/FOMA Dual TX(1940~1960)
2140Mobile phonedocomo Xi/FOMA Dual RX(2130~2150)
1970Mobile phoneSoftBank LTE/3G Dual TX(1960~1980)
2160Mobile phoneSoftBank LTE/3G Dual RX(2150~2170)
2560Mobile data communicationWCP AXGP (2545~2575)
2620Mobile data communicationUQ WiMAX, WiMAX2 (2595~2645)
2400Wi-Fi2.4GHz Zone
5200Wi-Fi5GHz Zone


  • Antenna

    Log periodic broadband antenna fork EMC measurement
    Frequency range: 700MHz-4GHz
    EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Measurement Log-periodic Antenna
    Basic Frequency Range
  • Interface

    USRP B210 SDR Board - Dual Channel
    Transciver (70 MHz - 6GHz) - Ettus Research
  • Software

    Video:openFrameworks(C++, OpenGL)
    Sound:Cycling74 Max

Antenna locations

Sapporo Station Underground Walkway

Moerenuma Park Glass Pyramid "HIDAMARI"
(1-1 Moerenumakōen, Higashi-ku, Sapporo-shi)


  • Select Frequency

    Left and right dial
  • Enter

    Press of button
  • Select Location

    Long Press of button

Installation View


  • Technical Support

  • Sound Programming:
    • Satoshi Hama 濱 哲史
    Software Development:
    • Satoru Higa 比嘉 了
    • Yusuke Tomoto 登本 悠介
    Hardware Development:
    • Katsuhiko Harada 原田 克彦
  • Web Site:
    • Hirock Kimura 木村ヒロック
    • Keiichiro Watanabe 渡辺 圭一郎
    English Translation:
    Special Thanks:
    • Motoi Ishibashi 石橋 素
    • Tomohiro Takahashi 高橋 知宏
    • Kyle McDonald カイル・マクドナルド
    • Misaki Horai 蓬萊 美咲

The work is premiering in the “Sensing Streams” exhibition at SIAF2014(Sapporo International Art Festival) from July 19 to September 28, 2014.

  • Organizer: Creative City Sapporo International Art Festival Executive Committee
City of Sapporo
  • Venues: Moerenuma Park Glass Pyramid “HIDAMARI”[Main installation] / Sapporo Ekimae-dori Underground Walkway (Chi-Ka-Ho) [Video archive]
  • Curated by Yukiko Shikata (Associate Curator, SIAF2014)
  • Project management by Asami Hosokawa (Project Manager, SIAF2014), SIAF2014 Office, Kazumi Miyai (Curator, Moerenuma Park)

Support: Sony PCL Inc., EASTERN SOUND FACTORY Co, Ltd.