Flying Tokyo #20 with Nosaj Thing, Kyle McDonald, NONOTAK, Quarta 330

May 25, 2017

Flying Tokyo #20 with Nosaj Thing, Kyle McDonald, NONOTAK, Quarta 330

Flying Tokyo is an event held by Rhizomatiks that brings artists and programmers from overseas to discuss and collaborate on art, design, music, and creative culture. For the 20th event of the series, we will bring Kyle Mcdonald and Nosaj Thing as guests for a talk and DJ session.

Time Table

20:00 [DJ] ALISA.Y
20:30 [TALK] Kyle McDonald
22:00 [LIVE] QUARTA330
23:00 end

Event Info

Flying Tokyo #20

  • Talk: Kyle McDonald, NONOTAK
  • DJ&LIVE: Nosaj Thing, Quarta 330, ALISA.Y, Daito Manabe and more
  • Participants: 200people
  • Time: 20:00~23:00
  • Day: 29th(Mon) May 2017
  • Venue: UNICE
  • Location: B1F, 1-34-17 Ebisu-Nishi, Shibuya-ku Tokyo

Ticket Info

2,000 yen / Student 1,000yen (1 drink incld.)

  • ・ There will be no preticketing. Please come directly to the event location
  • ・ Need student ID


Kyle Mcdonald

Kyle McDonald

Social Soul

Lauren McCarthy und Kyle McDonald,

How we act together

Researching on the synchronization between sound and code, he seeks knowledge of conversion, contextualization, and similarity. Having studied philosophy and computer science, he aims to make complex processes and structure more playful and easier to use. During the fall of 2011, he was a visiting researcher for the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media for the guest researcher program at the YCAM Interlab.

Starting with Open Frameworks, he is known for his vigorous participation in open source art engineering projects, such as creating libraries that enable users to use various functions from high quality image processing and computer vision libraries. Over these past few years, these technologies have been used at first for pattern projection technology, but have been later used with conjunction with the Microsoft Kinect sensor to solve the problems related to 3D scanners.
The artwork based on cameras vary from very structured to those that rhetorically ask questions of conventional matters.

Nosaj Thing

nosajthing Gaining attention as the producer of Kendrick Lamar and the remixer of Radio Head, Flying lotus, the xx, and remix on the Phillip Glass project that was directed by Beck, Nosaj Thing is gaining popularity as a producer and magician that crosses the border of the LA beat scene. Nosaj Thing has collaborated with Rhizomatiks Research with music videos such as “Eclipse/Blue” “ Cold Stares” and participated as “Nosaj Thing x Daito Manabe” in performances such as “TAICOCLUB” and “Coachella”. image nosaj_thing_coachella_5

Quarta 330

Quarta 330 Quarta 330 is the Japanese artist belonging to a UK-based record label, Hyperdub, founded by the one of dubstep pioneers, Kode9. He entered in the limelight when he relased his 12-inch single vinyl from Hyperdub and a remix work for Flying Lotus (WARP). Since then, he has performed with Prefuse73 (WARP), The Bug (NinjaTune), Kode9 (Hyperdub). Recently, he has performed in "Hyperdub 10 - 10th Anniversary Party-," "Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo 2014 presents 1UP: Cart Diggers Live."

Quarta 330