March 2016


Rhizomatiks Research

Rhizomatiks Research - chains

An installation with bit coins, which was developed at ZKM of Karlsruhe, Germany and was developed at "GLOBALE: New Sensorium", the work of 2013 "traders". In addition to experiments using automatic trading system, we developed a system to visualize block chains. It is exhibited as an installation. It is a work raising a problem for contemporary finance and trading system.

An installation with bitcoins, Chains is the evolved version of the 2013 "traders" installation that was held Following up to the 2013 "traders" project, Chains is an installation using bitcoins, An installation following up to the 2013 "traders" exhibition, It poses a question to the current finance and trading system.


Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks Research), Yusuke Tomoto (Rhizomatiks Research)