phosphere at Sónar Barcelona

Rhizomatiks Research × ELEVENPLAY

Rhizomatiks Research × ELEVENPLAY - phosphere at Sónar Barcelona




This year, the Japanese New Media art studio Rhizomatiks, led by Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibashi, has been selected to produce the work to be premiered in SonarPLANTA. The installation was displayed in a high-ceiling room with its purpose dedicated for this particular installation.

This large-scale piece is a robotic hybrid architecture in which synchronized mirrors, smoke machines, beams of light, and up to 24 video projectors combine to create an unprecedented spatial experience, drawing from the world of new contemporary dance music, as well as the vocabulary of “projection mapping”. The audience can interact with a futuristic 3D display by moving around a luminous ball which is tracked by beam lights that create 3D geometry in space.

Additionally, three dancers, SAYA, ERISA, and KAORI, performed a condensed 25 minute version of the Phosphere performance alongside the launch of the installation. With only three dancers performing, Phosphere was able to pay homage to the biggest inspiration, Oskar Schlemmer's "Triadisches Ballett", which also had merely three dancers. While Oskar's piece set its main goal to geometrically structurizing three dancers, Phosphere added a three dementional visualization elment to add an unforgettable effect to it. The finale consisted of a pure holographic projection which made the spanish audience to give a massive standing ovation and finishing the show with a beautiful climax.

photo:Nerea Coll, Leafhopper Project, Ariel Martini for Sónar Festival

Media Appearance


Stage Director / Choreograph: MIKIKO
Visual Direction / Technical Direction: Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks Research)
Technical Direction / Hardware Engineering: Motoi Ishibashi (Rhizomatiks Research)
Visual Programming: Satoshi Horii (Rhizomatiks Research)
Projection System / Software Engineering: Yuya Hanai (Rhizomatiks Research)
Music: evala
Space Design: Takahito Hosono (Rhizomatiks Architecture)
Costume Design: Yaepon
Technical Production Manager: Shintaro Kamijyo (Rhizomatiks Research)
Craft: Toshitaka Mochizuki / Saki Ishikawa (Rhizomatiks Research)
Technical Support: Muryo Homma / Tomoaki Yanagisawa / Katsuhiko Harada / Momoko Nishimoto (Rhizomatiks Research)
Hardware : Yuya Asai, Hideaki Tai (Rhizomatiks Research)
Art Director: Hiroyasu Kimura (Rhizomatiks Design)
Designer: Ichiro Kojima / Kaori Fujii (Rhizomatiks Design)
Web Programming: Hirofumi Tsukamoto (Rhizomatiks Design)
Producer: Hidenori Chiba (Rhizomatiks)