• Rhizomatiks Research

    Rhizomatiks Research

    Rhizomatiks Research mainly takes up projects focusing on the field of research and development, and sets priority in opening a new expression for the future. The team which is leading Rhizomatiks Research, has produced projects with artists such as Perfume and ELEVENPLAY in addition to media-art and data-art projects, and is also in charge of all processes through the projects―planning, implementation and operation.



    Dance company directed by choreographer & art director, MIKIKO. ELEVENPLAY was founded by MIKIKO in 2009, in the hopes of creating dancers who possess highly artistic sense and creativity on top of exquisite techniques, body and spirit. Composed of female dancers from a variety of genre, ELEVENPLAY's methods of expression are diverse, including stages, video works, and still photos.



    MIKIKO, a stage designer/choreographer, has taken an artistic direction and choreographed for almost fifty world-famous Japanese artists like Perfume, BABYMETAL, Ringo Shiina and more. She has won many awards in the field of performing arts, and her choreography has been widely appreciated in the Japanese Pop scene. It is safe to say that MIKIKO is one of the greatest choreographers in Japan.

  • Daito Manabe

    Daito Manabe

    Tokyo-based artist, interaction designer, programmer, and DJ.
    Launched Rhizomatiks in 2006. Since 2015, has served alongside Motoi Ishibashi as co-director of Rhizomatiks Research, the firm’s division dedicated to exploring new possibilities in the realms of technical and artistic expression with a focus on R&D-intensive projects. Specially-appointed professor at Keio University SFC.
    Manabe’s work in design, art, and entertainment takes a new approach to everyday materials and phenomenon. However, his end goal is not simply rich, high-definition realism by recognizing and recombining these familiar elemental building blocks. Rather, his practice is informed by careful observation to discover and elucidate the essential potentialities inherent to the human body, data, programming, computers, and other phenomena, thus probing the interrelationships and boundaries delineating the analog and digital, real and virtual.

  • Motoi Ishibashi

    Motoi Ishibashi

    Engineer / Artist. Director of Rhizomatiks Research. Born in Shizuoka, Japan in 1975. Graduated from the Department of Systems and Control Engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and the International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS). Since 2015, Ishibashi has served alongside Daito Manabe as co-director of Rhizomatiks Research, the firm’s division dedicated to exploring new possibilities in the realms of technical and artistic expression with a focus on R&D-intensive projects.
    Ishibashi is involved in a diverse range of activities, including art performances, music videos, and installations based on the production of devices and hardware. His work has been recognized by many awards, including the Prix Ars Electronica, Cannes Lions, and Japan Media Arts Festival.

  • Kyle McDonald

    Kyle McDonald

    Kyle McDonald is an artist working with code. He is a contributor to open source arts-engineering toolkits like openFrameworks, and builds tools that allow artists to use new algorithms in creative ways. He has a habit of sharing ideas and projects in public before they're completed. He creatively subverts networked communication and computation, explores glitch and systemic bias, and extends these concepts to reversal of everything from identity to relationships. Kyle has been an adjunct professor at NYU's ITP, and a member of F.A.T. Lab, community manager for openFrameworks, and artist in residence at STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon, as well as YCAM in Japan. His work is commissioned by and shown at exhibitions and festivals around the world, including: NTT ICC, Ars Electronica, Sonar/OFFF, Eyebeam, Anyang Public Art Project, Cinekid, CLICK Festival, NODE Festival, and many others. He frequently leads workshops exploring computer vision and interaction.

Stage Direction | Choreography
Artistic Direction | Music | Lighting
Interaction Design | Software Engineering
Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks Research)
Technical Direction | Hardware Engineering
Motoi Ishibashi (Rhizomatiks Research)
Machine learning Direction
Kyle McDonald
Machine learning
Yuta Asai (Rhizomatiks Research)
Network programming
Projection System | Software Engineering
Yuya Hanai (Rhizomatiks Research)
Satoshi Horii (Rhizomatiks Research)
You Tanaka (Rhizomatiks Research)
Futa Kera (Rhizomatiks Research)
CG Direction
Tetsuka Niiyama (+Ring / TaiyoKikaku Co.,Ltd.)
CG Produce
Toshihiko Sakata (+Ring / TaiyoKikaku Co.,Ltd.)
Daito ManabeHopeboxKotringoKrakaurSetsuya KurotakiSeiho
Muryo Homma (Rhizomatiks Research)
Stage Engineering
Momoko Nishimoto (Rhizomatiks Research)
Motion Capture
Tatsuya Ishii (Rhizomatiks Research)
Saki Ishikawa (Rhizomatiks Research)
Technical Support
Shintaro Kamijo (Rhizomatiks Research)
Tomoaki Yanagisawa (Rhizomatiks Research)
Toshitaka Mochizuki (Rhizomatiks Research)
Kyohei Mouri (Rhizomatiks Research)
Promotional Designer
Hiroyasu Kimura (Rhizomatiks Design)
Hirofumi Tsukamoto (Rhizomatiks Design)
Kaori Fujii (Rhizomatiks Design)
Production Management
Yoko Shiraiwa (ELEVENPLAY) Nozomi Yamaguchi (Rhizomatiks Research)
Ayumi Ota (Rhizomatiks Research) Rina Watanabe (Rhizomatiks Research)
Takao Inoue (Rhizomatiks Research)
Rhizomatiks co., ltd.