<Barcelona / Madrid>

'discrete figures' is a masterful combination of multiple experimental techniques, from augmented reality and drones to projection mapping, along with the poetic sensibility of Elevenplay’s dancers. An absolute highlight of Rhizomatik’s body of work, where dance meets sophisticated new technologies in an incredibly ambitious stage show that has no precedent. They create a overwhelming experience that never fails to amaze. 'discrete figures' is a triumph.

Ricard Robles
Codirector of Advanced Music | Sónar

'discrete figures' is an uplifting show. It takes you in a new dimension with no effort. Virtual and physical horizons merge thanks to cutting-edge visual solutions in a dazzling digital immersion. 'discrete figures' hits contemporary collective imagination. Don’t miss it.

Maria Grazia Mattei
Founder of MEET, the Italian Center for Digital Culture

Simply impressive. The dance and music touch every part of your body. Pure sensorial poetry.

Juan Manuel Macarro
Founder of MEET, the Italian Center for Digital Culture

Rhizomatiks and ELEVENPLAY have reached a gigantic level of symbiosis; a symbiosis between digital and physical beauty, both in pure state. After watching a few minutes of discrete figures, you completely forget to bother about what is "real" and what isn't.

Salvador Rey
Musician, Writer, Project Manager of SónarPLANTA

Absolutely mesmerizing. In a digital world that can be somewhat alienating, gazing at the highly poetic potential of technology is a joy and a relief. An inspiring and evocative work that everybody should enjoy and an outstanding example of an artist with a virtuous domain of the medium.

Maria Brancos Barti
Head of Exhibitions of the Fundación Telefónica

'discrete figures' is a very impressive work. It was the first time I saw this kind of interactive performance and, sometimes during the show, I felt as I were part of the scene. I'm looking forward to see the new Daito's and ELEVENPLAY's creation!

Celia Zaragoza Sainz de los Terreros
Artistic Assistant of Museo Universidad de Navarra

<Montreal / MUTEK_IMG>

An innovative multimedia spectacle where virtual and human choreography blend together!
Rhizomatiks Research excels in pushing us to reflect on the relationship between human and artificial intelligence through beautifully executed movements by the ELEVENPLAY dancers.

Daito Manabe and his team manage to take innovative technologies and orchestrate them in an artistic environment.
What we witnessed was a unique experience ahead of its time.

Dominique Audet
Co-founding partner and Chef innovation - Moment Factory

Replacing smoke and mirrors with machine learning and augmented reality, 'discrete figures' challenges us to rethink what dance is and what it might become. Watching ELEVENPLAY interact with their avatar-others is a delight, and beyond the poetic interfacing of bodies and pixels, the performance convincingly articulates how choreography’s expressive vocabulary can be expanded by emerging technology.
A revelation from start to finish, 'discrete figures' offers a blueprint for how emerging technologies will transform dance and scenography.
Offering much more than dazzling stagecraft, ‘discrete figures’ uses technology as a lens to scrutinize ELEVENPLAY’s fluid movement. Bolder still, it tasks machine learning with choreographic duties, calling our everyday preconceptions of human-computer interaction into question.

Greg J. Smith
Contributing Editor – CreativeApplications.Net

ELEVENPLAY and Rhizomatiks Research shows in 'discrete figures' a vision of our relation with the artificial intelligence with an ingenious and elegant choreography of dance and new technologies.

Thien Vu Dang
Artistic Director - MAPP_MTL

'discrete figures' filled me with expectation, afterward with awe. Finally, it made me realize, I am so lucky to be working on the frontier of art and technology and to have had the opportunity to be present at the performance by Daito and his team.

Martin Pošta
Founder and Director - SIGNAL festival [Czech Republic]

From our point of view I think it worked very well. It was indeed a special night. And I think the public appreciated it.
I think the Montreal public was exposed to a very sophisticated display of technology, used for artistic purposes. In a way it was a peak into the future, where dancers were interacting with their virtual shadows. It's a very unique and very forward thinking piece of work. We were all very privileged to witness the world premiere of 'discrete figures.'
I hope that on your end you are happy with the whole Montreal experience and that it was a worthwhile detour for all your team.
So once again I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart
And I do hope we’ll be able to collaborate again, either in Montreal, Tokyo or some other of the MUTEKs

Alain Mongeau
Founder and Director - MUTEK

<San Francisco / Gray Area>

The United States premiere of ‘discrete figures’ by Rhizomatiks and Elevenplay garnered rave reviews from audiences over three nights in San Francisco at the Gray Area Theater. The marriage of dance and technology was executed beautifully with attendees from the dance community commenting on the quality of the choreography and developers from Silicon Valley amazed by the advanced use of computer vision. Gray Area was thrilled to work with the team and hopes to bring the artists back to the Bay Area again in the near future.

Josette Melchor
Executive Director - Gray Area

This performance truly represents the cutting edge of what's possible at the intersection of dance and technology. It tackles some complicated themes with a pop-forward sensibility that's a ton of fun to watch. It's an honor to be a part of this.

Kyle McDonald
Artist * Main Collaborator of “discrete figures”

'discrete figures' carefully balances beautiful dance choreography with motion-tracking and data-driven computer graphics. There is an ingenious simplicity and elegance to the translucent projection screens -- dynamic, moveable canvases that move in and out of synchronization while being incorporated by the dancers in intriguing ways. With continuous shifts of focus across dancers, technology, data, light, and video, "discrete figures" introduces new interesting expressive elements for performance art.

Alex Olwal
Research Scientist

'discrete figures' was by far one of the most intriguing performances I've seen in the past decade. From its story to its execution, I'm still in awe of how everything came together to make me feel like I was living in the future for the duration of the show. I loved the playful and ominous exploration of artificial intelligent and augmented reality.

Reza Ali